Code Blocks

Code Blocks

IDE for C++ including MinGW compiler

Code blocks are a great alternative to programming C ++. It is an open source, integrated, cross-platform development environment that supports the use of multiple compilers, such as: GCC (MindwoW / GNUGCC), MSVC, Digital Morteza, Borland C +5 5.5, and OpenWatch. The default compiler comes with this code block packet containing MinGW.

The functionality can be extended using code blocks' plugins. It's a fast, customized construction system that does not require makeups and allows you to create a parallel system with multi-core CPUs.

Code Block's debugger supports the use of breakpoints in source code or programmers, as well as the establishment of conditions and counter for breakers. You can visit the user-defined. Another notable feature is the custom memory dump.

Finally, code blocks color source-code syntax, includes a 'code-fold' function for C ++ and XML languages, a tabbed interface, it comes with a class browser and a feature to complete the source code.

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OpenSource 20.03