SoX Sound eXchange

SoX Sound eXchange

The Sox Team


This is a PDF manual that explains how to run this tool from the command line.

Sound Sound Exchange is a multi-platform command line tool that lets you convert files between different audio formats, apply filters, and add special effects to audio files. Remember, this does not have a GUI, so if you are unfamiliar with such applications, do not use it.

You can modify the features of an audio file such as sampling rate or sample size, adjust speed, link a file with another or mix two files together. Operation is just something that can be performed with this program.

The format list that the SOCKS Sound Exchange can handle is very extensive. It includes: MP3, MP4, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, Amiga, WavPack, WAV, VOX, VOC, Yamaha, Apple, etc. It provides the following effects: See the full list here: Comedy, Delay, Echo, Flanger, Fasar, Repeat, Reverb, Reverse, Fade, Profit, Silence, Punch, Turn, Pitch, Expand, Dairy and more.

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