Pokemon: Generations

Pokemon: Generations

Xatoku Productions
All of the magic of Pokemon in glorious 3D

Pokémon: Generations is a version of Nixon Classic, which is rebuilt in three dimensions, spectacular graphics and a more dynamic combat system than the original.

Pokémon In: Generations, the main objective is to still capture Pokémon to join your collection and fight against others against them. What is the mechanics behind the war? In the Nintendo games, the war was going on; In Pokemon: Generation will control you each pokemon and fight in real time.

Once you defeat your opponent, you go back to Pokemon Trainer's Control. At that moment, you can throw your crabs to capture the pokemon that's just defeated. Pikucho, Fourth, Bulbul, Scarlet, Ratata ... The first generation of practically the entire populace will be insecure: Generations.

In any case, Pokemon really stands out: Generation Excellent Graphics. Thanks to Unity Motor, the game offers a 3-D model design with an excellent anime aesthetic carefully.

Pokemon: Playing an outstanding role in the genation, action, and adventure game in which no doubt Pokemon franchise fans fans.

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Free 0.2 Xatoku Productions


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