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The easy way to install Apache, PHP and MySQL

If you've ever tried to mount your web server, you can understand that this is not easy. If you need to install a language server like MySQL or Database Fanor, PHP, this task becomes even tougher

Thanks to XAMPP you can install Apache + PHP + MySQL in just 5 minutes. For logs and hard steps, you only have to follow the steps given by this easy wizard.

Although these three parts are most familiar, XAMPP can install other utilities such as PPIdmin, OPCLL, PAL, or WiseReser, so you will be able to have a full-featured server without doing a lot of work.

No matter if you are installing a local server for testing or if you are installing a real online web server, XAMPP is the easiest way to do it.

How to install your WordPress blog on a local server?

WordPress gives you two options when it comes to creating your own blog as a CMS: WordPress itself hosts blogs via WordPress or install it on your own server. In the next case, before searching for web-hosting offers on the internet, before taking the business, you can do a local installation of your blog and check out all its functionality before publishing it online. Here's how we explain it.

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