Mario Builder

Mario Builder

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Mario Maker is a video game inspired by a Mario Brochure Saga, where you can create your own level to play and share in addition to jumping with two-dimensional levels to try to rescue the princess.

It gives you a general level and promotion editor that can create an infinite amount of levels. Above all, there will be more than 100 enemies to use anywhere you want, and there will be a great 1,000 teals to make and decorate each level.

It is also possible to create your super mario game world map, as well as the title screen. Best of all, these options - which may seem a bit overwhelming - are located in a simple, easy-to-use interface that you will learn to control in a few minutes.

If it all sounds okay, check the sample level that comes with the download. You can explore them to get an idea where you start with Mario Builders, it is basically a complete game with different Super Mario levels that make sure you recommend.

Mario Builder is the creator of a pure game that has unlimited possibilities. You can create hundreds of levels and share them with your friends ... or other levels downloaded by other users and can play them directly on your computer.

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