Space Journey 3D

Space Journey 3D

PUSH Entertainment

Space Journey 3D is a Space Desktop Background Pack that is set in Space which you can use to create travel impressions by a high-speed interiors ride.

These backgrounds will move you through stars through Black Holes, Newblues, and Star so your computer is surprised by the real impact.

Immerse yourself in the universe and go to a final ride every time you start your computer or screen saver. Do not be bothered to make sure that the environment included in the pack will be rotated on your screen.

From the application's alternate menu, you can change the speed of your journey (try the highest setting in a real thrill ride) You can control the time to change the animation, as the result is to make your desktop more dynamic or more static.

These desktop backgrounds are original and completely customizable - try to change the back and forth from the random or forward to find their perfect parameters.

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Free 1.38 PUSH Entertainment


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