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Note - Input formats: BMP, PNG, or JPEG, TIFF, GIF - Output formats: BMP, PNG, or JPEG, TIFF, GIF

Whenever you create an image, whether printed or distributed in other ways, you save more than one format and resolution compatibility problems down the line should avoid. Doing this correctly, since it takes a lot of formats and resolutions you all you need to save the image.

This would avoid unnecessary and tedious process; VarieDrop thank you to resize your photos one after another, and to modify or need to. Instead, four different formats with a single click and you quickly converted it into resolutions can edit your photos.

VarieDrop four sections of the interface format, size, image resolution, and can be configured according to your needs by changing that is divided.

Simply drop the image to resize it in every area of ​​the interface, and it will automatically be saved to a specific folder in the new format.

VarieDrop settings can be customized in each section. You can set the output file name of the image quality levels and add text, and you can choose the output folder for the image shape on all sides.

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