Picture Converter

Picture Converter


Thanks to Image Converter, we want to have with us, we will be able to size the image.

The program is very intuitive and easy to use. The only problem is that it is in German, but the process is so easy that you can find out what it is that you will not be a problem at first sight.

You choose which you want to make changes to their size, the screen will show a list of folders and files will be there to choose. All (Ale auswällen) Select all (Keene auswällen) opt-out: the program also offers two options.

Once we have selected the picture, only the new size, and then press resize (the Grosse under) will have to choose.

You'll want to finish, then just press Abbrechen.

Of course, we are active files option (Balder ersatz) replacement will be able to choose the output folder.

Three steps and less than a minute, that's what you do not have to change the size of your photos.

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