SoundWire Server

SoundWire Server

Use your telephone to listen to what's happening on your PC

Soundwater server application is a program that works for Android Soundwriters to work properly. It does not say, it helps to hear what your Android terminal is playing on your computer (and it is essential).

Some of the program's options allow you to select the sound source you want to send to your Android terminal, and the volume you want to play it. Only another option is to "send" and stop the transmission, and in addition to anything else.

However, some options are not a problem and actually make it easy to use, so that you can forget about any unnecessary complexity and instead focus on using your Android.

The soundwater server is a simple program but an essential one if you want to enjoy all the features of SoundWire, then you can find a nice Android app that you can also find at Appstosoft.

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