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If you are one of those who like to save all their favorite videos from the Internet, MoviePile is a program that lets you save videos to your hard drive to download videos and enjoy them at any time.

In addition to this tool, in addition to downloading videos to FLV and MP4 in other formats, you can manage your files so that they are organized and you can find it easily when you want to see them.

MoviePile also features 'Tagmarks', which lets you quickly and easily organize and label the best parts of a video. It makes it easy to know exactly where else to go in the video to show a specific part to someone else.

This program can not play and control up to four videos at the same time. The app is a smart playback list that automatically updates your tags.

The application can be used to easily create animated gifs; All you have to do is select the video format you want and export it to GIF.

Short, a great app to manage your video collection.

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