A multimedia player for everything

KMPlayer is a great alternative to many multimedia players due to many reasons, but it is easy to use, especially because it looks, and offers a broad and extra features of the possibilities of playing audio and video only

This player works with the most popular video formats and formats, including the 4K resolution, Ultra HD and 3D even movies, through special configuration systems that allow subtitles for later additions. What's more, it can also run physical disks from other sources, such as playing online through streaming from a url or allowing all kinds of external digital television systems to be used.

But the best part is the best part of the number to control and control your playback, to change from the classic menu to almost one hundred different post-processing effects in any standard format, or for independent control panel for independent control panels. In addition to all this, you have a useful tool to capture real-time video with a high degree customization in terms of output format and compression.Overall, this is a great alternative which is definitely trying!



The program's interface includes integrated advertising, but this can be removed by hiding the window.

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