Live CD Ripper

Live CD Ripper

15 day trial version.
You can process up to 3 cds.
If you have a large collection of CDs and want to keep some songs without downloading them on your computer, then use this tool.

Live CD Ripper lets you find tracks from your disk so you can stay in their digital format that you want.

This tool can convert your music to popular audio formats like AAC, ACM, AIFF, AAH, IRCAM, MP3, NIST, OGG, PAF, PVF, RAU, SVX, VOC, W64, YAV and WMA.

In addition, the Live CD ripper automatically copies the data from the original audio to the audio file. You do not have to worry about copying songs, the information will be added when cropping the CD.

The program's interface is very easy, you have to keep your discs on your computer and have them live across the live CD protector. Once you have done this, select the format you want to use for your songs and start the transition process.

Thanks to this application, you can play all the songs on your CD that do not have a CD reader. All you have to do is store audio tracks in a USB memory stick or player that you want.

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Trial 4.1.0 SoftRM


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