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AVS Audio Converter
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There are many audio formats, though most users are using the FU. Those WAV, MP3, RM, OGG and more. The problem comes when you try to share your audio files with your friends or they send you an audio file and you can not play it because your media player does not support it.

If you ever feel bad because you could not play the audio file or wanted to convert it to your portable media player and this process was impossible, then you should use AVS audio converter. This is an audio conversion tool that will make these conversion tasks easier.

Mp3, wav, rm, ogg, wmv, mp2, m4a ... they are not a problem for the AVS audio converter. The process is very simple. To run the program, select the file and output format you want to convert (if you think a bit more advanced user, you can make the number of frequency, number of channels, the bitrate and other parameters of the output file before conversion) and the AVS audio converter.

In addition, it includes some presets, so you do not have to break your mind to know the layout you need.

It is very easy to use this tool, you will get a problem when converting audio files and it can solve many problems

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