DRM converter

DRM converter

DRM-Removal Team
Convert audio files, even DRM protected files and remove DRM

If you want to share your music and video but DRM is protected, you need to remove DRM, a program that can convert your music and video files and make them vulnerable, so you can share them without any problems.

Removing DRM You can convert any file in your Windows Media Player, iTunes Player or Apple Quick Time, so it solves your problem.

It does not only remove the DRM protection of your audio file but it stores the ID3 tags for the artist, album, title name etc., so you do not have to search and re-type them.

Its official interface makes it easy to use even for even newer users. Remember that it converts an audio or video file, even if it is not secure, but the results will always be vulnerable. Download and install DRM-Removal and your music is free!

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Trial 4.3.8 DRM-Removal Team