File Splitter and Joiner

File Splitter and Joiner

Le Minh Hoang
Split and join files in an easy and fast way

Make sure that you downloaded a file and it was shared in different parts. Sometimes we do not know programs which can help us to join Thse files and this program called File Splitter and Joins could be useful if it could be.

File separator and adding an application for Windows that automatically lets you share in different parts of a file or share a small file for smaller portions.

It is very easy to use, actually the file splitter and the user can be included in the right-click menu and you will be able to share the file by accessing the program in that right-click menu.

If you get files formatted as .001, .002, .003 ... You can use file splitter and adder to join them in one click and use the entire file as normal.

If you split a file, you can choose the size of the parts file or select the number of segments. It is easy, select the file and the way you want to share it and the file splitter and the rest will be working.

Finally, you can encrypt the result files to keep the information stored in the share.

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