Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone

Recover files from your iOS device

An application on Dr. Phone that helps you recover files and lost information from your iOS device. Keep it images, contacts, messages or ringtones, there is a high chance that you can recover them.

It does not matter if you accidentally delete pictures or lost messages using the phone. You can try to recover all of these files via your IOS device or via iTunes.

The app is compatible with all Apple devices, including iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and 5, iPad 2 or new iPad. But for each of the devices you will need a special app.

Dr.Phone is a very useful tool that can help you find out from many tight spots in a risky situation. If you have deleted an important picture or video by accident then this is your best chance for them to recover.

How to recover deleted deleted smartphone photos?

One of the most dramatic iT moments of any user's life is when one fails to lose your personal file by accident or accident. Although these unfortunate incidents always tend to be associated with desktop computers, modern smartphones - with the possibilities of collecting their mass - more attracted to the same problems. But still not panic, though its existence is as impossible, there are ways to recover photos and videos that you have lost on your smartphone.


The trial version allows you to see what you can recover but doesn't recover it.

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