Android Commander

Android Commander
Manage your Android terminal from Windows


Android Computer is an application for comfortably manage our Android terminal (mobile phone or tablet) from the desktop on our computer.

For that, we will only need three things: a `rooted' Android terminal, a USB cable to connect it and the ADB USB drivers installed on our computer.

The application, once installed and functioning, will allow us to work with our Android terminal using its usual tools, from a comfortable Windows interface. Then, we will be able to install and uninstall applications, check any information about the terminal (also the state of the battery included) and even do screen captures.

In any case, the best of this application is how comfortable and intuitive the interface is. We will be able to see all the information about the applications, install any APKs we have on our computer, or delete other applications permanently with just a click.

Android Commander is a powerful application and clearly a very useful one as well, although the need to have the ADB drivers for Android installed on our computer and other prerequisites for using it can make its use a bit too complicated.

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