Okoke Brains Practicer

Okoke Brains Practicer

Okoker Software


The trial version ids fully functional for 2 minutes each time you run it.


This kind of software like the one for Nintendo DS called Brain training is also arriving to our computers and Okoke Brains Practicer is one of them.

Okoker Brains Practicer is a piece of software very similar to the one we can use in the Nintendo DS, which lets you exercise your memory and keep your mind fit.

It offers us a pack of seven games which exercise several parts of the rain: numerical memory, instant memory, visual memory,...

In all the games you will have to fight versus time, in example you'll see a picture for three seconds and then you have to describe it, or you will have to do maths in a pair of seconds,...

It’s an empirical experiment, but for sure that if you exercise your brain playing this game for a certain time, your memory will be better in a pair of weeks. 

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