An alarm that will remind you about everything you always forget

AbAlarm is an alarm for your PC which creates a pop-up window and warns you about all the things which you do not want to forget. You have a program like it's a classic alarm clock.

The application will be sound during the planned time, and may repeat itself after a few minutes or hours, as if you'd like to hit the snaz button. Although you can not set multiple alarms at one time, the tool includes a memory that lets you set it for a specific time or week, or even when you start your computer

There are several ways to use it:

- Timers or calculations: Give each other a different list in a specific time or a few minutes, and it will automatically remind you of your responsibilities, or when it gives time to break with a text message window and personalized words

- Tea / Pizza: These unique functions have been made so that you do not forget to get a pizza out of rice, or you can not enter the tea garden for too long. Both functions include all kinds of popular tie and Pixar drop-down lists, you can live with or cook for them at that time.

- Planner: There is a calendar that can be used to activate an alarm with periodic breaks from time to time for different days of the week.

- Actions: Automatically enable the account when you open the page or close your computer. You can control or limit the time you are browsing the Internet (or a specific site) if you think you are spending a lot of time online

With AbAlarm, you will not forget your appointment, your favorite TV show, broadcast or pizza on the oven ... but you will lose your excuse to be late.

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