Manage your Android right from your PC

MirrorGo is a very useful tool for Windows that lets you manage your Android directly from your PC or laptop. This program is very easy to use your mobile device or games.

What you want to do is follow an Android and Windows connection via a USB cable and follow the instructions given on the screen. Once both devices are synced, you will see your smartphone on the screen and all its contents will be available. You do not have to touch your device again, you will control it with the mouse and keyboard, with no restrictions, when your device continues freely through all the areas of your device will not be controlled.

This tool is different from the Android emulator in two ways: The first is only by connecting you can access both your memory, both internal and external, and all other functions. Navigate your folders only with a single click of the mouse. Another difference with Miragro is that it is much more stable than other tools that imitate the operating system, it creates an image of the app on Windows, these tools are usually avoided by these errors.

On the other hand, this program lets you enjoy your Android device with full screen, HD and screenshots, and you can record what can happen. This feature will help you create your own tutorials and videos to share in your contacts or social networks. Enjoy all your devices' features on a large screen with a simple, convenient tool.

Android AirDrod's Four (+1) option

Recently we have celebrated the arrival of a new version of AirDroid, which is probably the best application for controlling your Android from PC. It was a welcome change given the conversion of a new change interface component design value. Everything is going to gympower, a firm perspective about the business 'mobile safety, identifying the problems that are thrown in users' data risk. Spread like a terrible fire, though the next days show that it can not be so big of a deal. [Editor Update: Security issues have been resolved until December 15th.] However, we can be worried about AirDrode - Hex, I do it myself - so here are four options for this popular application (extra spare).

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