UP 3D Character - Russell

UP 3D Character - Russell


Do you like the new Pixar movie by MonsterInc Director? Now we offer to do something with you in your hands.

You only need a handful of printers, scissors, glue and your hands. This papercraft is really working well and it will take a long time for you or your children to make it. After creating this, this adventure will have to start.

How to make Russell's 3D-character

First, include and print two pages. Then, use Russell's body, flag, and scissors or mold knives to spin each of his weapons. Be careful with the dash line, do not just follow them to fold, follow them.

Once you have cut all the parts, fold the body and create a box that will glue the rubber backpack to Russell backpack.

Eventually, Russel's hands folded half half of the side of the two dash lines and glued together gloves on both sides. Every arm glue on Russel side

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