The trial version lets you create up to ten children and disable saving.

If you do not see your child's face, you can not see the face of your child or you can not wait for nine months to know how your baby can depend on your partner, the Windows application for the child will show you future results.

Choose one photo of parents and moms and the rest of the program will work. Parents acknowledge the parent's main characteristics and use a mathematical calculation to explain a new face. It is different from other similar programs, does not use babemar morphing, it means that it does not mix two pictures, but it analyzes them and creates a new face

If your photo is not an ID photo, do not worry, use the controls of the baby to adjust it.

In short, if you are impatient and if you want to know it first or if you want to have fun, BabyMaker is a good app.

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Trial 1.7 Luxand