CS-Recetas de cocina

CS-Recetas de cocina

Colibrí Software
Organize all your kitchen recipes

CS-Recetas is an application that loves surfing, but who does not know how to organize all recipes, or those who lose them frequently, it lets you create a catalog of recipes in a single directory.

The app allows you to search and access the recipes you want faster, you can print and export them to some of the most popular formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

The program continues without complicated professional terminology, as well as helping them start their work as well as peak dogs. You can insert a new recipe without adding the material and other elements first.

CS-Recetas are an ideal app for new cooking and those who want to organize all their recipes clearly. As well, thanks to its intuitive interface, you can manage them really easily.

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Demo 1.2 Colibrí Software