Double Driver

Double Driver

Budy Setiawan Kusumah
Create a security copy ofyour drivers

Sometimes, the task of updating your driver can be very difficult, it is not the cause of the update, but due to the loss of the old drivers.

Sometimes you fail to update your driver and start hardware. So you have to reinstall the old driver. That is the momment when the double driver comes into play.

When you run a double driver, it will take a few seconds to collect all the information about your drivers. And then it will show you in a list, set what you want to save and when you want to select each driver, you can click at the beginning and the double driver will make a copy of all the drivers selected for future updates.

Dual drivers may be very useful, because driver damage may fail, for example, DVDwriter or sound device.

You can even print the driver list and see if you have installed it on your computer.

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