Atrise Lutcurve

Atrise Lutcurve

Andrew Revvo


- 30 day trials

Atrise Lutcurve is a tool that allows you to calibrate a high degree, display your monitor. You do not need a hardware calibrator to do this, LCD screen or CTR on your screen does not matter.

Atrise Lutcurve configures all types of variables: gamma, black dot, white dot, color balance, and more.

The high quality of Entriège Lutkurov is the sensitivity of the human eye to color tones. F. Scientific articles by Roberts' programmable test samples based on the 'display transfer character measurement (gamma)'.

Examine the colors and brightness of your screen with the quality that depends on the six panel numerical selector between Atrium Lutcurve. This tool allows for fun calibration points, which really comes in handy if you need graduation of old shows. 

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Trial 2.2.0 Andrew Revvo


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