Visual Bibliotecas

Visual Bibliotecas



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Visual Bibliotecas is a complete application designed for public libraries or users with a wide collection of books, whose organization has become essential.

The program allows you to insert all types of books using personal records, through a very intuitive interface that will turn into a very intuitive interface (authors, date, publisher, summary, etc.) Simple task

Once the complete collection of books has been established, you will be able to modify any of the current records. Additionally, the program includes classification by category and subcategory, direct access to documents created in Word and Excel, images, audio, video, etc.

Visual Bibliotecas also incorporates a loan manager so that no copy is lost. It allows you to scan any document, converting it to PDF or JPG formats. For all these reasons, it is a great application for managing libraries and books of any size.

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Trial 21.15.255 FLORESSOFT


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