Saladin is a dual-panel open source file manager, in which an Orthodox user interface is comfortable with intuitive, and easy to use.

Dual-panel interface makes working with files much easier. You will be able to do everything quickly as well as the menu is fully integrated since all icons and files are used. You can remove other files from a panel just by dragging and dropping them.

Whenever you copy or move a file, a confirmation message will appear if you do not change any name in the process by accident. Another integrated feature lets you search files by name and content with search results and edit them directly.

Saladin allows you to zoom in and rotate the picture with its image viewer and if they're too big to resize the window. It is also compatible with zip files, which you can see in a common directory.

Finally, it is compatible with the main FTP connection so that you can connect to an FTP server through a window's integrated client. It allows you to upload and download files, as well as carry other basic operations.

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License Version Developer
GNU 0.4 SourceForge


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