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Comic Collector



The trial version has some limited features.

A program for comic book comic book fans. It lets you organize your comic books and maga collections in a perfect, beautiful and easy way.

The program connects to the Internet, so you can download all the information in your comic books without having to manually capture. This means that you can enter 'Batman' in the search bar and immediately see a list of possible comic books added to your virtual library.

If the default is not displayed, some features in the bookmark preferences allow you to add them so that you can easily access them, view your collection graphs and statistics, and change the virtual shelf view.

In addition to all, Comic Collector lets you export your collection in different formats so that you can easily share it online or even upload it to Comic Collector website.

The comic collector is a unique program aimed at comic book fans or someone who has a huge comic book collection and wants a better way of organizing it.

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