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Organize your book collection

If you organize your library properly it becomes complicated whether you have lots of books and if your collection is even more complex then there is a headline in the hard copy as well as e-books.

Booknizer An all-in-one catcher for integrating your entire library into a single database, places all your hard-copy versions, e-books and audio boats in one place.

To add a book, simply enter its title (you can paste a full list of all titles at once) or even scan your book 'barcode with your webcam. For Audiobooks, you can analyze the audio automatically and analyze the title of your collection.

When it has been completed, there are several available when you will see a list of different versions for each book available. Select that you want to add them to the database.

After compiling your collection, Booknizer will display your book cover and you can search by their genre, author, or even format.

It is also possible to run reports and create statistics for your collection. For books, you can mark them as read, add them to the one-text list, put them in an analysis.

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