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Have all your collections in order

AVCataloger is not only one solution, it is a 4-in-1 cataloging solution, because it solves your problems about cataloging your Music, Video, Book, and Software collections from the same interface

AVCataloger also allows you to connect CDDB disc recognition service for cataloging music, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for cataloging videos, and’s web services for powerful data collection for your library. It’s great, isn’t it?

AVcataloger is not what you were searching for, it is more than that. From now on you will not lose any book, movie, cd or program, because they will be all in order in AVCataloger. If you want to find any of them, just run AVCataloger and catch it in a few seconds.

It’s really easy to use. Maybe, the first days, when you have to insert all your collections, it can result a bit boring, but you’ll realise it is important since the first time you use it to find your desired cd or movie. 

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