Allway Sync

Allway Sync

Synchronize your files and folders

If you usually work with several computers at the same time, Allway Sync is an alternative to the traditional approach you usually have to copy from one file to another. This program should have the same file on your same computer, exactly the same, so you are sure that you are working with the correct file.

A very useful tool. This will allow our PC to synchronize on a PC in other PCs on another PC, and we will not take care of their files which we do not think we should copy or not.

Thanks for its intuitive interface, it is very easy to use, we only have to select the main folder, one is luck and press Synchronize.

Allway Sync is safe, reliable and easy to use!

Allway Sync - The correct way to backup files

One of Achilles' heels of the digital era is, what is a small user actually thinking about small upload files? Sure, putting a copy or two in the cloud is all good and good, but the most secure options are doubling your files and spreading your content in several places. It is very tedious to do this by hand, so alla sink tools have been developed to make your life easier. Allway Sync automatically syncs all your folders or full drives without having to automatically save them to local or remote networks.

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