Emulating Android on Windows has never been so easy

WindowsAndroid is an Android emulator for Android that allows you to run a virtual machine with the Android operating system, from which you can perform any activity that you usually have on this operating system running on a smartphone.

The program is very simple, which is rare for such applications. You just have to install executable and without needing to configure it, you can start using WindowsAndroid, which will do your fingers normally, so that, for example, you just click to unlock the device and drag the lock on the right side of the screen.

Once inside the 'virtual phone' interface, you can access the general options of an Android device and configure some of its features, for example 'Terminal' time and date.

It makes any application (like games, templates run or Angry Birds) in Google Play store and makes it possible to install you as a normal smartphone. And you do not have to deal with any memory problem, since the number of places available on the computer will naturally be there.

One of the best tools for Android Android operating system. It just does not work well and you can not download any application, but it gives you the ability to do it quickly and easily, with a complex configuration or BIOS installation required. Just double click on the executable file, and you're inside.

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