Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool

Crystalidea Softwre

We usually have some problems when we try to uninstall a program that does not include a problem uninstall file, so we will use Windows Uninstaller or manually remove

The Uninstall Tool is a tool which will help you to uninstall any programs. It's really useful and it definitely shows us the most used applications.

It runs in safe mode, the registry entries that were fixed before the installation.

The Uninstall Tool interface is fully functional and intuitive. We'll be able to see the apps we have installed, even those people who are hidden for security reasons

Finally, it also includes a search bar that lets us write a word and it will show all those programs that are in this name along with those words.

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License Version Developer
GNU 3.5.1 Crystalidea Softwre


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