Blaze DVD Copy

Blaze DVD Copy

Blaze Video Inc.


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laze DVD Copy is a great DVD copier that is very easy to use and provides decent copying speeds.

The copying process is very simple: just choose the source unit and the destination and begin copying the original without any danger of it suffering damages.

Plus, it also includes extra options such as being able to choose only some of the chapters, menus and other elements such as subtitles or audio channels. Once you have selected everything, the program calculates how much it needs to compress for it all to fit on a DVD5 (4.7 GB) or, without compressing, onto a DVD9.

If you previously made copy of the video files or they are in a disk image then you can select them as the source form where to record your DVDs.

Now, thanks to Blaze DVD Copy, you can make all the copies you want so your original movies don’t get battered and damaged.


DVD video and audio recording; desktop player; Smart Stretch technology which lets you establish a 16:9 ratio on any screen; image and audio special effects presentation, among other features.

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