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Many times, when someone lends us a DVD movie, we want to copy it but we do not know how it works. Actually, sometimes we just want to copy a part of the movie, we mean that you just want to copy movies and a language because you do not need a Romanian or check audio file, maybe you do not want to spare ... if you are a stranger it is a difficult Because of the work you have to do in the movie tip and advanced performance.

Do not worry, AVS DVD copy is a very easy-to-use program that has a very intuitive interface that will transform you into an expert.

The AVS DVD copy's intuitive interface will allow you to choose whether you want to movie full movie, copy, or personalize. It's easy If you want to copy the entire movie, then select that option, if you want to copy only certain sections or audio files, then you have to select that option and copy the list of the listings you will get. The right side of the interface

You are two steps away from copying DVD movie like an expert.

Finally, you can choose your available sizes and the program will fit in the size of the standard. Naturally beautiful.

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