For sure that more than once you haven’t been able to watch a video a friend sent you because your video player wasn’t able to play it. Here you have the solution.

From now on and thanks to Codec, you will watch all videos,because it offers you all necessary codes for your daily videos. With it in your computer you’ll play 99.9% videos you receive from internet.

It includes:

- DivX Pro 6.2.2 Codec

- XviD 1.2 (25.02.2006)

- Ligos Indeo XP Codec 5.2820.15.58

- AC3Filter 1.02a (test5)

- Fraunhoffer IIS Mpeg Layer-3 DirectShow Decoder

- Fraunhoffer IIS Mpeg Layer-3 ACM Codec

- Ogg Vorbis

- Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter

- Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter Decoder (1.0)

- Ogg Vorbis Audio ACM Codec


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Free 8.3p