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Comfort Clipboard
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Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista.



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Suspense clipboard is a highly effective application that works in front of a computer because it improves the 'clipboard' for power and features.


Gradually after installing the clipboard, you will stop worrying instead of another copying item, since it can save as many clips as you need (by default it is limited to 100 clips, but you can adjust this number). To restore any of them, select it from the list of program interface and paste it where it is needed.


The comfort clipboard shows detailed information about all the clips and lets you arrange lists according to snippets (text or images), weight, size, number of letters, and so on.


For example, if you want to copy different items from the same website or document, it is convenient, paste the clipboard content you are working with and the document you want. 

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