Lavish Thakkar

Windows 10 comes with several default programs that are not easily uninstalled or deleted. 10AppsManager is a free tool that lets you get rid of these programs and even if you change your mind, you can still recover them.


The program shows all the program's icons which it can uninstall, even though some of them shortcuts to the installers instead of the ones. Complete list includes 3D builders, alarms, calculators, cameras, movies and TVs, get office, receive Skype, get started, mail and calendar, maps, money, music, news, ecnet, people, phone companions, photos, solitaire, sports, store , Voice recorder, weather, and xbox


From an experimental and neglected tool, developers recommend creating a backup before using it. Also, if you decide to reinstall a program deleted with 10AppsManager, then you have to follow a few steps that will be manually typed in a shell in Windows Shell. This program is fully explained in the reinstaller section.

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