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One of our worst fears is that we can see everything on our computer, copying our passwords and snapping across our files. So why there is so much security software?


SpyShelter Stop-Logger is a comprehensive anti-spyware application that monitors all suspicious activity that other applications can run on your computer. This activity is divided into the following categories:


Antique logging: Keep programs by typing your passwords and copying everything by stealing.


· AntiScreenCapture: Keep programs from taking screenshots of your screen without your permission.


· AntiVicomcamlogger: Keep programs from accessing your webcam, even if it is not disconnected.


· AntiSoundRecorder: Keep programs from maliciously received words from your PC.


· AntiNetworkSpy: Keep Trojans From Stealing Important Information Through SEO Transactions


· Anti clipboard capture: Keep programs from stealing information you copy to Windows Clipboard.


Each time an unknown application tries to perform one of these tasks, you may not want to grant it permission. For example, you can freely open a program in a screen capture program that you downloaded for that purpose.


SpyShelther Stop-Logger is a comprehensive application that will block Trojans and other malware from accessing your personal information. The application is only negative part of its poor translation, if you were hoping to use it in a language other than English. 

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