BitDefender AntiCryptoLocke

BitDefender AntiCryptoLocke
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CryptoLocker is a kind of malware that infects your computer, encrypts files on your hard drive and pays you to provide a key to decrypt them. The only way to get rid of this virus is to reinstall your operating system, but who wants to do? Instead, you have to withstand the attack with a device like BitDefender Anti-Crypto Locker.


Bitdefender Anti-CryptoLocker is software that helps protect your machine from this infection by blocking any ransomware that tries to encrypt your data. The program can be configured to start along Windows, and you do not have to be disturbed while working on your computer.


No need to install the application - just turn it on to protect your data once the program is running, it will open a window in the Righthand corner of your screen to let you know that you can work properly.


Bitdefender Anti-CryptoLocker is really a useful option for blocking all types of malware, not just this type of ransomware.

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