Anvi Browser Repair Tool

Anvi Browser Repair Tool


Anonymous Browser Repair Tool is a simple tool that will fix all your browser problems with a few clicks.


This program works by deleting your browsing history, downloads, cache, cookies, registry errors, and most importantly - home pages and default search engines that may affect malware.


In short, the anonymous browser repair tool restores the default settings of your browser, which can cause errors from all extensions and plugins, or free from the installation without your permission. Afterwards, your browser will work more easily and more quickly, and it will be safer.


If your home page or search engine constantly changes due to malware, then the anonymous browser removal tool will delete the malicious files.


For now, it is compatible only with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, and the results are pretty good.

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License Version Developer
Free 2.0 Anvisoft


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