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Are Your Computer Protected Against All Threats On The Internet?


F-Prot is a comprehensive antivirus program that detects and eliminates various types of harmful software, that is, they are viruses, macro viruses, trojans, dialers, worms, etc.


The program consists of four useful tools designed to make your life easier:


- F-Prot OnDemand Scanner Basic tool for detecting and removing malware. F-Prot will run a full scan of your hard drive, folder and files. The program adds a new function to the Windows Shortcut menu so that you can scan a specific file or folder with just a few clicks of the mouse.


- F-Prot Update is a tool designed to update the program's virus database, which is essential if you want to protect yourself against new threats.


- For realtime protection, the F-Prote Realtime Protector, a component that runs silently in your task bar and can be disabled at any time.


- Finally, there are F-Print schedules, a task programmer. Using this tool, you can configure F-Protcrete in the program and automatically create some specific tasks to clean up your computer.


No doubt, F-Prot is a powerful software that helps keep your computer safe against malware threats. 

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