Flamer Removal Tool

Flamer Removal Tool


Flamer Removal Tool is a small executable which is the only purpose virus Flamer, a dangerous Trojan that can steal your personal information and send it to an external server.


No installation of the application is required. Simply download it and double click its icon to make a simple interface up to which you can quickly scan.


Once the scan is started, it will take a few minutes to analyze each corner of your computer to find flammer removal tool flammar virus. If found (even though your computer will be clean), it will permanently and completely erase it.


Flammer Removal Tool is a very useful tool that you should definitely try if you suspect that your computer may be infected. It will only take a few minutes (if you have a very full hard drive a little) and long run you will have to save a lot of sorrow.

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Free 1.0 Bitdefender


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