AVG Free

AVG Free

2016.131.7924 (32-bit)
AVG Technologies
Perfect antivirus protection for free

AVG Antivirus is one of the free tools that works for a lot of money. AVG detects viruses on your PC, discards them, and keeps files safe, but it also includes more features you can customize.


You can decide on virus and decide a lot on the process of destruction. We can say you have control and AVG is in your hands. AVG lets you scan e-mail with advanced technology, and you can combine it with your e-mail client (UDORA, Outlook, Thunderbird, ...).


It also includes a guide to creating an HD Rescue Disk that can be very useful to clean your computer.


The latest version of the release of AVG Anti-Virus has covered one of the oldest test centers and control centers so it is much easier to use.

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License Version Developer
Free 2016.131.7924 (32-bit) AVG Technologies


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