GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

Click automatically

The GS Auto Clock is a great useful tool that helps you automatically click and improve your performance while doing an annoying job or even develop some kinds of work even when you are there.


This app is working on a repetitive task or, for example, when you are playing a game that only you have to click on, you can use this tool to help you even improve your performance in front of your computer.


To use GS Auto Clock, you need to understand how it works. Be careful, it may be tricky at first. This program does not save a root with your mouse. All you have to do is indicate that the points you want to click on the screen are indicated. So, if your task is to click two different buttons at different points on the screen, then you have to enter two tasks: one and two points in point. Once you have saved the task you can press F8 to run the task.

By Alvaro Toledo

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Free 3.1.4


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