Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

Try out Yahoo's attractive online messenger

With their own online versions, there is a running stream of new messaging services where you can chat without installing a program.

Among them is the best equipped Yahoo Messenger, which is already providing an almost identical system on the desktop.

The appearance of Yahoo Messenger is very regional and quite interesting, with the contact list left on it, leaving the remaining space for chat windows.

You can add contacts to this same interface, whether they come from Yahoo or Windows Live Hotmail. You can save a conversation history for each of these contacts and you can keep them in their groups.

As far as the user is concerned, they can change the status and personalize their profile. Other contacts with Yahoo avatar can see you.

Messages can be personalized with a wide range of different types of letters and emoticons.

All these features are going on, Yahoo Messenger has become one of the main options when logging in to an online messenger.

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