SimCity Social

SimCity Social

Create the city of your dreams and share it with your friends

SimCity Social is a strategy and management game that integrates good social games into FarmVille, one of the most important strategic features in the history of the best computer: SimCity And yes, has done quite well.


When you start the game, you have to give a name to your city and invite some of your friends to become citizens. Of course, this second step is completely optional and it will easily make some work easier. Once you have done it you will be able to start doing a title with this name that is expected: Construction.


You need to build houses so that your citizens can live comfortably, decorate all kinds so that they can be happy, factories can be artistic, farms can be a source of good food, can contact your friends at the train station, etc. .


Just as the game happened in SimCity's former game, you will experience some extraordinary events such as the UFO or various natural disasters that will give you the opportunity to practice some of your practicing qualities.


SimCity Social is a fantastic strategy game that has a perfect base for a Facebook game that should be: Some social, but also keep the most demanding players involved with a complex and entertaining gameplay.

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