Shadow Kings - Dark Ages

Shadow Kings - Dark Ages

Goodgame Studios
Build your own kingdom and conquer this magic world

In Shadow King, Dwarves and Elves' magic world - the dark ages are influenced by kings and knights, whose only goal is to win every single kingdom and the city. Build your own domain from zero in your mission as a king of a prosperous city and you can get as much territory as you can.


To start this adventure, you have to complete the missions given. As you build structured that you provide wealth, you can earn a reward that can give you an encouragement game.


Create your own stone mines and tall erg cabinets so that you can improve your buildings and host your city's people to be self-sufficient. Once you're able to make an income, you can focus on the original purpose: Shadow win all the territories of King - Dark Age.


With a full force of wholesaler, lancer, archers and knights, you will be facing other users in the community around the world, who will use techniques to intercept your quest to win this whole magical kingdom.

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