Pet Society

Pet Society

Electronic Arts
Create your pet and have fun with your friends via Facebook

Pet Society is an online video game which is similar to the Nantana classic 'Animal Cross Crossing', where you have to make an incarnation in the form of a small pet or cat, and friends will have to live in a full town.


The character maker is very comprehensive and will help you to improve dozens of details: on the other hand, the shape of the head, ears, nose, eyes, and the position of their wool. There are thousands of mixes.


Once you have your avatar, you can do all kinds of activities to improve your home look, to complete an interruption course, or to meet and interact with your friends.


The Pets Society is the most fun part, the ability to link your pet dogs with your Facebook contacts. You can give those gifts, compete in stadiums, give hogs, or go to a home of their home.


Pet Society is a fun game for all users, because despite its child's tendency, it offers a great number of very interesting possibilities.

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