Twisted Tennis

Twisted Tennis

Twed Tennis is a tennis game with an animated graphics that lets you showcase your tennis skills in different courts, from a cruise ship deck from a zoo


This game is the only player (game against computer) and multi-player mode for general matches and only offers solo player mode for the championship.


There are eight different players from the selection, each divided by their clothing and physical characteristics. Although each of them has a name, you can change it once you choose.


The game is simple. Use the cursor keys and Z, X and C keys to move around the court for quick shots, low shots and high shots.


As the progress of the match, you can use a special immediate shot against your opponent. Once you've earned enough points, you'll see the option to use this particular shot at the top of the screen.


Once the special feature that makes this game enjoyable is that every time the ball hits an item or person around the court, you can see different reactions.


It's going for all, Twist Tennis is really recommended for all kind of players which are turned into a delightful game

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